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The Corseted Fringe Belt


A Handmade Corset belt with a glamourous hemline embellished with crystals, glass beads and rhinestone teardrops. Adjustable to any size to accentuate your beautiful waist. The perfect accessory that can be worn as a single or double wrap! #beltupforacause.


For any support, queries or details on international shipping please call us on +91 9892088000 or write to us at [email protected].

What is #CareforKarigars?

An initiative to support karigars and their families who reside in various villages across India in collaboration with our dear friends at Papa Don’t Preach.

Who is a Karigar?

A craftsman skilled in a particular art form. Everyone from ‘zardosi’ and ‘zari’ workers, pattern cutters, tailors, dyers, weavers, block printers, raw material producers; all are artisans, all of them are karigars.

Why extend your love and support?

With the COVID-19 outbreak, we are stepping forward to reduce the impact on the livelihoods of our karigars/ artisans across the country. Our karigars are the backbone of the fashion industry. We want to ensure that craftsmanship continue to preserve their artistry, earn a sustainable income and encourage future generations to continue the tradition by passing it on to them and ensuring their skills stay relevant and alive.


Thankfully, we have direct access to our karigars and their accounts registered with our organization. Our trusted Karigars hail from varied rural areas that have focused groups of craftsmen and women practicing the same craft as them. Therefore, they are able to multiply our reach through this initiative via trusted payment channels. And 100% of proceeds will go towards the Care For Karigars.


This initiative will not only provide a sustainable livelihood for karigars and their families but when we do emerge from this, they will have work to come back to. Once the lockdown is lifted, they will be creating your capes and belts that you’ve bought in support of them.


How will the funds be disbursed? :

The fund will be disbursed all over India –  in villages/areas ( a list of all the locations being reached with this initiative has been shared below for your reference) using wire transfer via our karigar’s accounts registered with our respective organisations.


Further, via our trusted karigars – funds will be disbursed within their impacted groups/communities.

How many lives will your one purchase help?

5000 INR
Provides food, ration,  basic medical and sanitation supplies for a family of 4-5 members
In Mumbai – for up to 20 days
In villages – for up to 2 months
10,000 INR
Provides food, ration, basic medical and sanitation supplies for a family of 4-5 members
In Mumbai – for up to 40 days
In villages – for up to 4 months


Any requirements for a larger sum – for medical emergencies, will also be provided to the best of our abilities.

What you receive:

A handmade signature product
A Kresha Bajaj Limited Edition Crystal Cape
Lots of Love and Gratitude from us and the Indian Community of Karigars

List of Villages:

Jaunpur-UP, Sarai Triloki-UP, Sarai Kansrai-UP, Ranmau-UP, Malihabad-UP, Rasoolpur-UP, Dubagga-UP, Lucknow-UP, Saadatganj-UP, Haspur-BR-Bihar, Sitamarhi-BR, Koili-WB, Bagnan-WB,Amta-WB, Hooghly- WB, Keshpur-WB, Mirgram-WB, Ranibazar-WB, Solapur-MH, Patan-GJ, Tundav-GJ, Ahemdabad-GJ, Amethi-UP, Katni-Bihar, Sitapur-UP, Jhargram-WB, Birbhum-WB, Kolkata-WB, Sahibganj-Jharkhand, Katihar – WB, Nawada -Bihar, Patna-Bihar, Banka-Bihar, Benapur-WB, Samta-WB