The bride will be taken through the entire journey of her ‘lovestory’ piece which will be designed meticulously and handcrafted intricately to show her story unfold.


The journey will begin with a creative session with Krésha to revisit the special moments shared with your loved one. Over a glass of champagne, we would love to get to know the couple and gain an insight on what they like and special moments that will become the essential foundation to create a custom lehenga for the bride.


Taking all special elements into consideration, an initial sketch is prepared and presented to the bride and groom. We create multiple silhouette options for the bride that would flatter her body type so she has various styles to choose from. Once we come to an understanding of the basic silhouette, we go through various kinds of silks and colors that would compliment the bride taking into account any traditions she might have to follow.

We create swatches for the bride to better envision the different kinds of embroidery, fabrics and colour options to be incorporated in the final piece. Once the design is finalised, a khakha is created to bring the details of their story to life. All while, our masters, pattern cutters, seamsters and finishers work fastidiously to ensure that the final sketch turns into a meticulously crafted, bespoke outfit for the bride.




“From developing intricate embroidery samples and combinations we enjoy working closely with our brides and skilled karigars to create her personal vision of perfection that matches my design aesthetics”


Bespoke Embroidery is an essential experience in every Krésha Bajaj outfit.Our strength lies in the artful blend of tradition and fine craftsmanship that makes for contemporary embroidery techniques, deeply rooted in the rich Indian tradition of luxury embellishments.

From Zardozi, Aari, detailed cutwork, micro glass beading and many more, Krésha and her team of experienced embroiderers have elevated hand embroidery techniques to an art form, one that has been passed on to them from generations of artisans that they hail from. We enjoy pushing boundaries in this skilful craft to ensure we are keeping the mastery of hand embroidery alive and relevant, yet unique. The tremendous hours of skill and work that each technique commands, epitomises luxury and craftsmanship to perfection.


For the final fitting, we invite the bride to bring her chosen jewels and come in for the final appointment where the end result is one that fulfills the promise of endless customization and pure luxury. The bride is included in every step of the process to create her dream outfit for her most special day and the lehenga simply cherishes all moments the couple would want to treasure on the day they begin their journey.

“For me, there has to be perfection in every detail, the seamlessness of every seam, the beauty of every inner fold, those are the real truths of a beautiful garment”