Krésha is an Indian designer known for her detailed embellishments and the creation of the “lovestory lehenga”.

Krésha creates clothing for what she discovered women want: effortless and fresh wearable pieces delivered with fine Indian inspired craftsmanship.


Creative Director, Krésha Bajaj is no stranger to the fashion world, with over 10 years of experience and hails from a family that has pioneered in bespoke wear. At the tender age of 4, Krésha started sketching ideas, when most children were outdoors playing; Krésha’s playground was her father’s tailoring shop. To channel this passion, she decided to study the intricacies and beauty of fashion. Over the span of 8 years, she studied in some of the world’s most distinguished fashion colleges including London College of Fashion, Parsons in New York and Paris and Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising in Los Angeles, before deciding to return home to Mumbai. Diving into the industry head on, Krésha launched her e-commerce website, Koëcsh. She was soon invited to showcase her collection at Lakme Fashion Week, which garnered a lot of appreciation for being avant-garde and unique. As the years passed by, her designs started to evolve as did she.


For as long as she can remember, Krésha has dreamt of designing her own wedding clothes. Looking back at her relationship with her fiancé (now husband) and how they met, she wanted to share their love story and what better way than to make it permanent on her wedding lehenga, fondly known as “the love story lehenga” in which she portrays a couple’s journey through embroidery. The unique concept won Krésha widespread media recognition, with local and global publications such as My Modern Met, Vogue India, Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Times of India, The Economic Times and Cosmopolitan UK writing about it.
Through that experience, she decided to create bridal collections for what she discovered that women want: effortless and fresh wearable pieces delivered with fine craftsmanship.


Krésha has an avant-garde and edgy design style, one that tests the barriers and boundaries of traditional design. Her style of design is bold and she leans towards modern silhouettes. Krésha Bajaj’s work draws inspiration from a number of influences from her travels, experiences and people she meets but her outlook goes a step further, which shows clearly in her work. To capture the natural beauty, sensuality and freedom and given her process- her pieces seem to carry a significant weight – they tell a story.

“Travels and the underwater world have always been a great influence on me as a creator” - KRÉSHA BAJAJ


The birth of Krésha Bajaj the brand; from fabrics to embroidery and textures to colours, each piece of clothing tells its own story with the utmost care in detailing and finishing.

A perfectionist with an impeccable eye for beautiful things, Krésha aims to maintain a standard that will be timeless.

Krésha’s commitment to her customers is what makes the brand all the more special- she wants to give girls and women an intimate experience, one where they personally feel connected to the brand. And the brand aims at giving women a deep sense of pride in femininity, honouring women to feel comfortable and confident by wearing bold and beautiful silhouettes.

Krésha Bajaj, the flagship store was launched in Mumbai in November 2018, an ode to all things beautiful, mysterious with a splash of fantasy.